Wednesday, August 11, 2010

how would you liek to be ripped off?

        327 South Dowling St, Darlinghurst

Dear Shane,
A Special Offer to our Customers*

 Professionally - Jailbreak and Unlock your iPhone or iTouch1 for only $80!*
 (Includes return postage) 1 day turnaround

What are Jailbreak and Unlock?

Jailbreak – Allows you to use the thousands of non Apple supplied Apps on your iPhone or iTouch.
Unlock – Allows you to use any active SIM card in you iPhone. Either; in Australia or while traveling overseas.

*A copy of this email must be included with your iPhone/iTouch to qualify
1 Unlock is not applicable for iTouch
2 You can send multiple devices - $80/per device
3 If you update or restore your iPhone or iTouch with iTunes after our service – then you will lose your Jailbreak and Unlock
4 Applicable devices: Iphone 3G,3Gs,4 – iTouch 2nd and 3rd Gen
5 If device is sent to us not version 4.0 or 4.01 then it will be restores to 4.01 and all data will be lost (So upgrade and backup before sending)
6 Offer is valid until Apple upgrade 4.1 is available – so be quick

I found this highly amusing myself

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  1. the link so you can do this your self is posted below... and its free