Friday, August 6, 2010

hey and welcome

So... this blog is mostly here for the people who purchase my repaired iphones either through mates or off ebay. i will be posting any updates and information on jailbreaking and unlocking them on this blog so that any customers will be informed when it is safe to update to the new firmware etc. Along with this i will also post links to phones i have for sale and i am contactable in regards to reairing your iphones (or any other smart phone)
Now some info for you about me... im not just a jobless bum that decided to repair iphones.. im actually an audio visual technician who repairs phones on the side as a bit of a hobby. in saying that though i will be running this as a legitimate business and conducting all activities in a confidential and professional manner. i understand there are cases where people have broken a phone with some what sensitive material on it that they would wish to retrieve and for this reason i will be posting  (in the very near future) a confidentiality/privacy agreement of which i will be binded top legally. Please keep an eye on this blog and i will post videos over time so that you can see the processes and the repairs that i do on phones and to see the work that i can safely perform for you.

I have had a pretty bad day today since my house was broken into and 2 of the phones i have rebuilt along with my laptop were stolen so this might take me a little while to get back on track but please keep an eye on this blog for my future posts... non iphone users feel free to watch this blog also as i will post info on here for non iphone products but please be patient as there is far more stuff happening with iphones these days then other smart phones.

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