Friday, October 29, 2010

jailbreak 4.1

sooo ive been a bit slack lately... why you ask?? well to put it simply im a bit bored of it all lol.
i know theres a few answers now for jailbreak on 4.1 limera1n looks good and im actually going to run it up on 2 of my phones in the next couple of weeks but untill limesn0w is sorted (maybe it is now and i just dont know) then its not much good to alot of you. there is another jailbreak floating around which will work for people in my possition and keeps the existing baseband and installs ultrasn0w with the installation of cydia.. this i like as my main phone is a water damaged (it turns out) 3gs 32 with no working wifi... this means im stuck running 4.0.1 endlessley on this phone unless such a jailbreak works 100%.
i will let you know my results.

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